Luxury Suites

Our Luxury Suites will ensure loads of space for discerning visitors and feature three separate bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining/sitting room and separate kitchen and are fully equipped as you would expect, with all the above-mentioned features. Ideal for family or business groups, a suite will ensure your comfort and privacy with ample space for all to relax or work without interruption.

Our Luxury Suites offer a massive 113.2 square metres of floor area plus balconies amounting to an additional 15 square metres. Dimensions of individual spaces within the suites are as follows:

  • Bed Room 1 20.70 square metres
  • Bath Room 7 square metres
  • Bed Room 2 33.00 square metres (Bath Room : 9.24 square metres)
  • Bed Room 3 28.50 square metres (Bath Room : 8.42 square metres)
  • Living Room 29 square metres
  • Kitchen 6.72 square metres